Our complete podcast packages include

Content Creation

We work with you to find and develop the story you want to tell. During this stage you can be as involved or uninvolved as you like. You may have a very clear cut story you want to tell, you might have a vague idea or you may be happier letting us come to you with ideas. This process is personalised to your needs. 


Our experienced composers and musicians who can bring spoken word to life. You may want scoring throughout to guide listeners through their journey, or you may prefer to keep things simple and stick to theme music to top and tale your story. Either way we are here to help bring the creation to life.

Web Content

Your end product will need somewhere to sit; where listeners can find more information and you can add more personality to your web presence. This is a chance to add any content you could not include in the audio, descriptions, transcripts, images and relevant links. We can help you create and arrange this content, in a way that will best display your message. 


Most importantly we want this process to be hassle free. That's why we take care of background necessities like hosting and posting your finished product to pod-catchers etc. Our package is designed to be complete. 


We are experienced in post-production elements, including but not limited to editing and levelling spoken word, foley and audio enhancement. 


You have the ideas, we have the experience - let us guide you through the process of creating your perfect podcast. 

Additionally, we offer

Film Scoring 

Our experienced musicians and composers can bring your film to life with original music, enhancing the atmosphere and leading your audience through the journey you wish them to take. 

Blog Content

Our talented writer can offer a writing and editing service to bring a bit of colour to your blog. It is important to find your voice and develop your tone, no matter whether you are an organisation, business, charity, society or individual. 

Copy Writing

We can help you to create copy that is engaging, accurate and on brand. 


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