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From Green Barge Audio, this is Facing the Fear. I’m Tasha, 20 something, plus-sized, and with voice of a podcasting angel. I’ve appeared on nothing™, the 7:50 am train to Walsall and regularly feature in the morrisons’ hot deli counter. I also guest contribute to ASOS via buying clothes in the sales and forgetting to do my returns.

I’m here after a year long stint in therapy, in which I navigated the confusing and alienating world of graduate life. My breakthrough? I was held back from crippling anxiety to do anything that slightly pushed me outside my comfort zone- life can be pretty scary, right? Post therapy, I’m charting a journey of facing my fears and following my dreams.

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"Amazing - brave, sensitive, caring, honest and so un-British a thing to do. Keep going Tash, you are not just challenging yourself, you are challenging stereotyping and societal norms that really need a kick in the pants. Go girl!"

Janeoula, 5 stars

“Wonderful and inspiring! Just listened to the first episode of Facing the Fear and I’m feeling positive about life. Lovely listen and I’m looking forward to more!”

bstretton, 5 stars

Facing the Fear

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