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Our complete podcast packages come in three different varieties, each customisable to your needs.

Our branded option is for individuals or businesses wishing to make a podcast in conjunction with Green Barge Audio. We will work with you to create your show as a Green Barge Audio production.

Perfect for individuals or businesses wishing to produce their own podcast with Green Barge Audio as a silent partner. 

This is for projects that we think are worth investing in and taking on as Green Barge Audio productions without a cost to you - the creator. These are produced privately or via BBC Sounds. We have limited capacity for venture projects but are always interested in good ideas!



Green Barge Audio is an audio production company passionate about high quality story telling, through podcasts and film. 


We like stories. We really like stories. If we find something that we think should be heard, it is our mission to tell it, and tell it well. So why not Get in Touch to find out what we could do to make your message sound beautiful.

Green Barge Audio started out aboard the floating studio, where we spent our days winding through the London canals, creating unique listening experiences along the journey. The barge herself was over 100 years old when she became our home and studio, and with whatever time wasn't spent making awesome audio, we developed this characterful old ship into an off-grid, eco-friendly studio space - our own solar-powered oasis away from the hustle and bustle.


As Green Barge Audio has expanded, we have grown with it and spread our roots to dry land, but the green ethos and waterways lifestyle still shapes our company to this day.  



Green Barge Audio Ltd

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Tel: 07449252121

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