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Green Barge Audio is an audio production company passionate about high quality story telling, through podcasts and film.

We like stories. We really like stories. If we find something that we think should be heard, it is our mission to tell it, and tell it well. So why not get in touch today to find out what we could do to make your message sound beautiful.

Green Barge Audio started out aboard the floating studio, where we spent our days winding through the London canals, creating unique listening experiences along the journey. The barge herself was over 100 years old when she became our home and studio, and with whatever time wasn't spent making awesome audio, we developed this characterful old ship into an off-grid, eco-friendly studio space - our own solar-powered oasis away from the hustle and bustle.

As Green Barge Audio has expanded, we have grown with it and spread our roots to dry land, but the green ethos and waterways lifestyle still shapes our company to this day.


We have two complete podcast packages available - both customisable to your individual needs.


Our branded option is for individuals or businesses wishing to make a podcast in conjunction with Green Barge Audio. We will work with you to create your show as a Green Barge Audio production.


Perfect for individuals or businesses wishing to produce their own podcast with Green Barge Audio as a silent partner.


Below is a selection of our favourite branded projects from the last few years.

Facing the Fear

From Green Barge Audio, this is Facing the Fear. I’m Tasha, 20 something, plus-sized, and with voice of a podcasting angel. I’ve appeared on nothing™, the 7:50 am train to Walsall and regularly feature in the Morrisons’ hot deli counter. I also guest contribute to ASOS via buying clothes in the sales and forgetting to do my returns.

I’m here after a year long stint in therapy, in which I navigated the confusing and alienating world of graduate life. My breakthrough? I was held back from crippling anxiety to do anything that slightly pushed me outside my comfort zone - life can be pretty scary, right? Post therapy, I’m charting a journey of facing my fears and following my dreams. For more information visit:

Ed Patrick: Comedians' Surgery

Welcome to the Comedians' Surgery. Take your seat, we'll be with you shortly... Ed Patrick brings a brand new show coming to a waiting room near you: comedians talking health. Expect frank tales, hilarious experiences and stellar guests from the comedy world who had to book an appointment six months ago.

Previous guests include Joe Lycett, Andy Hamilton, Angela Barnes, James Acaster and more. Recommended on BBC Radio 5 Live and The Guardian. Visit the website for more information:

Natural Born Storytellers

Raw, true, alternative storytelling - Join Michael, Nat, Jools and Chris as we pick our favourite stories from recent Natural Born Storytellers events and dip into the archives for our best past tales.

We love creating fun, friendly and welcoming spaces for anyone to share true stories from their lives. Produced and edited by Green Barge Audio, with original theme music from Nic Sims. For more information on the podcast, live events and workshops, or to get involved, visit:

Finding Sanctuary

A guided journey to feeling good in nature - brought to you by The Visionaries - a social enterprise designed to help create nurturing school communities and to support young people into healthy adulthood.

Sola Adebiyi leads young listeners through simple wellbeing exercises that can be done either alone, as a group or part of a wellbeing session in school.

"What is it to find ‘our place’, somewhere where we feel completely at ease, where stress melts away and we can simply just be ourselves? Perhaps this is a place within us or out in the natural world? Or both?" For more information visit:

Pi & Mash

The podcast brought to you by Ocado Technology - Shedding light on the human stories behind the big ideas, fueling this ever accelerating information age.



This short film, directed and produced by Anita Ganju and entered in the Watershed super-short filmmaking competition 2018, was great fun to be a part of. Green Barge Audio was involved in the editing, produciton, and recording on location - some of which took place in our own 'backyard' on the North London canalside.


To get in touch, email or give us a ring on +447449252121.


We also offer orignial theme music and scoring for the podcasts we produce. For an idea of the compositions Green barge Audio has produced in the past, the themes to Ed Patrick: Comedians' Surgery, Natural Born Storytellers, Facing the Fear and Pi & Mash are all composed in house by Nic from the Green Barge Audio team. Tasha, from Facing the Fear, opted to score her thought provoking podcast throughout, and we love how it brought her very personal stories to life. Have a listen below!

The Visionaries - Finding Sanctuary guided meditations and the short film Ecolution are examples of minimilistic paired back scored producitons that can simply and effectively set the tone desired by the writer.

If you would like to discuss the posibility of Green Barge Audio writing and producing the music for your podcast or short film, we tailor the services to our clients' individual needs, so contact us directly to find out more!